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Yubikey sets new standards for strong, two-factor, password-free authentication.

In our store, you'll find the full range of Yubico products needed to secure people's access and identities in the workplace.

 - Say goodbye to account hacking, forget passwords, and modernize your multi-factor authentication.
- Get the market-leading key for optimum security, user experience and return on investment.
- YubiKey offers high protection by combining an authentication device with public key cryptography for effective defense against phishing, account hacking and data theft.
- Compatible with all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux, as well as all major browsers.


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Yubikey has been shown to reduce password incidents by 92%.

  • Yubikey reduces IT costs: a large proportion of calls to the helpdesk concern password resets, generating significant IT support costs.

What's more, you can link your Yubikey to an SSL certificate selected by EISN Sécurity.
Order a customized service for your project.
For more information, see the detailed presentation of Yubico products.
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YUBICO - What for?


To guarantee your identity on secure corporate networks

To protect access to computers, servers and cloud services

To protect your online accounts : Facebook, Google and more

Yubico keys are used in the world's largest companies, and by millions of people in 160 countries.

Compatible with hundreds of services

YubiKey is compatible with Windows and Mac, Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Salesforce, Duo, and many other services.

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Discover YUBICO products

Yubico keys are ready to use for hundreds of applications.

YubiKey is natively supported for access to all computers and platforms. YubiKey can be used for VPN, code signing, disk encryption and hundreds of service and software providers to help solve the most complex security and access problems.

Our expertise at your service for state-of-the-art deployment.

Key Management Infrastructure (PKI)
PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) or PKI (Key Management Infrastructure) is the set of resources (technical and organizational) used to establish a strong guarantee of confidence in the validity of a digital identity.
security departments can count on our team to support them in successfully deploying PKI according to specifications.
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The number one method of stealing credentials is phishing attacks.
YubiKey offers advanced phishing protection, combining hardware authentication and public key cryptography to eliminate account takeovers.

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