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Ready-to-use USB C authentication key

Main Features:

  • Secure static password
  • Yubico OTP
  • OATH-HOTP (action)
  • OATH – TOTP (time)
  • PIV Compliant SmartCard
  • OpenPGP
  • FIDO U2F (Universal Second Factor)
  • SecureElement
  • USB-C
  • Challenge-Response

YUBIKEY 5C Nano – Miniaturized protection

About YubiKey 5 C Nano Series

The YubiKey 5C Nano Series is a hardware-based authentication solution that provides superior defense against phishing, eliminates account takeovers, enables compliance, and offers multiple strong authentication choices.

this key offers strong authentication via the USB–C ports. New to the Yubikey 5C Nano is FIDO2 support, which allows organizations to enable passwordless login. 

The Yubico 5C Nano includes:

A YubiKey 5C Nano form factor fits on your keychain and plugs into USB-A ports

YubiKey 5C Nano features a patent-pending minimalist form factor for USB-C ports


Prevents unauthorized access by requiring the physical presence of the key to log into this device Easy to use: Plug it in and touch the gold button or edge; no codes to enter or apps to install Affordable: the same YubiKey can be used with almost unlimited services Durable: Rugged, water resistant, no batteries or moving parts Everywhere: use it on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS for Chromebooks Convenient: Fits nicely on a keychain, in a wallet, or inside a USB port

  • Works on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux and major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox  2  , Safari  3  , Edge  7  and Opera  4.
  • Works on mobile platforms such as iOS  1  and Android  4
  • Works with Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, LastPass, Dashlane and hundreds of other services
  • Only works with Yubico OTP over NFC via apps with built-in support
  • Firefox ships with FIDO U2F disabled and must be enabled in the about:config menu. Some services that use U2F do not work with Firefox even after enabling the feature.
  • Not compatible with FIDO U2F or FIDO2 / WebAuthn
  • Not compatible with FIDO2 / WebAuthn
  • Supported only on OpenPGP.
  • Supported only on smart card (PIV).
  • Requires Windows 10 1809 or newer. Edge does not support the U2F API.

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